Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moving Means REDECORATING!!!!

YAY!! We are finally getting ready to move into our new house and after all of this waiting I have decided that nothing old is worthy of being in my nice, clean, new home (obviously not EVERYTHING, but enough:). So I have decided to start fresh with my decorations! First up will be my daughters room and I am dying to get started! Like I have said before, I am a little obsessed with deer, and birds, and other woodland creatures and thought this would be such a fun theme for her room (only because my husband doesn't want frolicking deer on our bedroom wall... wonder why?). Anyway, my daughter gets the fun room and here are a few samples of fabric and other items that have inspired me.

Check back to see the design themes I have planned for other rooms... all of which (like my daughters room) will be helped by some amazing etsy artists!

This is one of the fabrics I will use for her bedding and maybe curtains:

These little softie deer are too cute! She doesn't have one yet but will soon:)

More deer fabric:)

And the perfect little prancing deer wall decals!

And these adorable little pieces of art made by my sister! Visit http://grace-violet.blogspot.com to see some of her other adorable crafty ideas!

Have something that you think would be sweet in this design? Let me know... I am always looking!