Monday, December 31, 2007


I am so excited about my last post of 2007! I came across this shop this afternoon and fell in love immediately! Although the shop only has 2 items currently for sale, quality DEFINITELY over-powers quantity in this sweet little shop. This ladybug pincushion is by far the cutest I have ever seen and the apple pincusion in SugarElf's shop is a close second. The colors are perfect and the little creatures themselves are amazingly professional looking and super sweet! You have to stop in and see them both for yourself:)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Featured in TWO Treasuries!

I was super excited today when I found that I was featured in not only one but TWO treasuries! YAY! The first item featured was actually created by my sister, Kristin. It is adorable and unique and definitely deserves to be featured:)
The second item to be featured was my "Fiesta" earings that I just listed a few days ago. They really are lots of fun and look adorable on!

Anyway, I was pretty excited and thought you would all like to know! Be sure and stop by my shop and see what else is new!

In the mood for PINK!

So it's not really a secret that I love pink and for those of you who don't know, if you look at my blog for a few weeks you will see. I am a "girly girl" and I very much appreciate "girly" things. So, picking this next shop was not a dificult task. I wanted something pink and sparkly and myheart2yours delivered! This bracelet is super cute and very pink and I am almost reluctant to promote it 'cause I want it! I also loved so many other things in this particular shop. She has sweet little cards and tags, wall hangings, etc. I am kind of drawn to ecclectic shops because I can't seem to stick to just one thing in my own shop! Anyway, be sure and stop by, say hi and take a look around. I even promise to be happy for her if this particular bracelet sells before I get my hands on it;)

Saturday, December 29, 2007


AbleMabels shop is so sweet! This shop is full of wall signs, frames, pillows, blankets, jewelry and more. I absolutely loved this particular sign and for only $12 it's a steal! I love it that so many of the items have that handmade touch and look so unique! Stop by there shop and take a look for yourself:)

Friday, December 28, 2007


So I have a little girl, as you all can see, and I love bows and hair clips and frilly stuff and I have chosen a seller who creates many things that fall into that category. TylerJoCreations caught my eye a while back and was already a favorite so I am happy to show her off on my blog now! Her Christmas tree clippie is the cutest and most creative thing ever! I am definitely going to be purchasing one in the near future (I know I am little late but so what!!??). She also has lots of sweet springy clippies that would be PERFECT for Easter! Anyway, stop by her shop and take a look and I know you will be happy you did:)

Mermaid Treasury

So I created another treasury on etsy (sorry if you dont know what that is) and I would love for you all to see it!
The theme is mermaids and I am really pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for looking:)

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Okay so I stumbled across another wanderful shop today and found a product I personally have never seen before. Mommycards are "business" cards for mommies to hand out to friends or acquaintances with all of their contact info on them!! I love it! These are perfect for setting up playdates and that sort of thing. Anyway, you have to stop by her shop and see her adorable designs:)


Okay I am back!! I spent a wonderful weekend with my sister and her husband and there little girls and now I am back to work and promoting some shops!

I stumbled across this shop today and couldn't find one thing that I didn't love! Everything in this shop is so unique and very vintage looking. From her wall hangings to her altoid tin scrapbooks (shown above), everything is beautiful. Stop by and take a look at this crafty etsier!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

J's Studio

Okay I know I already featured a shop today but I wanted to get this in tonight so that I don't have to do it before church tomorrow:)
Anyway, I was looking for cute purses (because I love purses... especially cute ones) and I luckilly came across this seller right away! J's Studio has so many adorable bags and totes to choose from that I had a hard time choosing just one picture. Her designs are so unique and sweet and don't have that "homemade" look to them (that's a good thing). Everything including her pictures look amazing and fresh. You have to stop by and take a look at her shop before everything is snatched right up!

Lovebird Necklace

Okay so I am in love with my newest necklace and I had to feature it on my blog! I am very tempted to keep it for myself so someone better buy it soon or it may dissapear from the listings!

Giggling Goldfish

So today I am going to feature a shop with some very cute necklaces that are very affordable! Giggling Goldfish creates necklaces out of scrabble tiles and they are so sweet! Her simple and fresh designs are perfect for everyday wear. Here is one of my favorites, but there are plenty more to choose from in her shop:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Okay so in honor of the fact that it is the eve of the eve of the eve of Christmas eve, I decided to feature I shop with some very cute and affordable ornaments. NestaUsa is the name of the shop and her rusted tin snowflake ornaments are especially adorable! She also sell lots of things that are not Christmas items so be sure and stop by to take a look!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank you !

I have to give credit where credit is due so I must thank sweetpeacrochet and divadea for helping me set up my etsy link on my sidebar. I was a little lost and asked for help and they did! How sweet:) Anyway, they both have etsy pages so you must visit them and see their great stuff! Here is a beautiful necklace from divadea:

and a sweet cupcake from sweetpeacrochet:

My first post!!

Okay, so I recently "opened" my etsy store and I am really enjoying making and selling my stuff! I decided to start a blog to help get the word out and so I can high-light some of my favorite etsy sellers. Before I promote someone else's store though I am going to have to talk about my own shop. Here are a few of my newest and favorite pieces so far:

I am having lots of fun making this stuff and I really like my pieces to be unique from eachother and from anyone elses things. Thanks for looking and stop by my etsy site and take a look!