Thursday, December 20, 2007

My first post!!

Okay, so I recently "opened" my etsy store and I am really enjoying making and selling my stuff! I decided to start a blog to help get the word out and so I can high-light some of my favorite etsy sellers. Before I promote someone else's store though I am going to have to talk about my own shop. Here are a few of my newest and favorite pieces so far:

I am having lots of fun making this stuff and I really like my pieces to be unique from eachother and from anyone elses things. Thanks for looking and stop by my etsy site and take a look!


Anonymous said...

You have beautiful items in your shop and your blog is lovely. I'll go and check out the rest of your shop now. Good luck to you.

Sol said...

Congrats on both joining Etsy and doing your blog. Best of luck!!!!!