Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sick of Sickness

About the only good thing that has happened the past couple weeks is that my shop sales have slowed a little (I know, it doesn't sound "good"). My daughter has been sick with a double-ear infection and strep, eek!!! I felt horrible. She was complaining about it last week and I didn't believe her (she tends to like going to the doctor... weird kid) and sure enough, she was telling the truth! Add to that morning sickness (and afternoon sickness and night sickness) and a baby boy getting two new teeth and that equals STRESS.

I am so DONE being sick and being around sickness... I hope anyway.

Now, some might think that since I have been stuck home for so long and since things have been slow that I have had tons of time to design new holiday stickers... some might think that. Some might be very wrong. I do have a couple new logos to show and I do have a couple fall stickers as well. Hopefully the next couple weeks will bring a burst of energy and excitement for creativity!
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Oh and be sure to check back tomorrow! I will be posting a GIVEAWAY!


cindy said...

I love the To: From: Santa sticker! They're all cute, though.

Adry Viola said...

Hi - I tried to contact you through your site but I got an error about cookies but my cookies ARE enabled? So I don't know. But I really need to talk to you about a custom logo. I need asap and I've searched everywhere until Michelle at In Stitches sent me to you. :)
please email me