Sunday, January 20, 2008


Wow! I have had Felicity's Boutique open for only a week and have already filled over 15 orders! YAY! It has been so crazy trying to build up stock, decide what to buy extras of, have at least one of every kind made at all times, AND get everyones purchases ready to ship! I am at a point where I am feeling like I can relax a little and see what happens though.

I still love making jewelry, but with soooo many jewelry sellers on etsy, I needed another outlet for my creativity:) Wangly Legs has definitely been that for me and I am excited to see where it goes! Today "", tomorrow Parents Magazine! Haha... hey you never know;)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has purchased from me, helped me on my sock hunts, or listened to me complain about my trials (lol), and I have only been open a week!!!

BTW ~ Belle LOVES Wangly Legs and cries when I take them off at night!


Kristin said...

The shop looks great, and I LOVE the addition of toddler jewelry; that was a great idea!