Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some New Favs

Ok I know I have been slacking and not posting enough but I have been busy moving and settling and decorating that I just forgot! But don't worry, while I have been "away" I have still found plenty of time (maybe too much) making fun purchases on Etsy. Here are a few of the sweet things I couldn't resist!

First, I bought a whole bunch of neat vinyl decals for my new home and Kristen over at Magically Made was AMAZING and extremely helpful! I am also very impressed with her lower than average prices and I will definitely be back for more:)


Next, I found this adorable little soft jingle ball for my friend who is having a baby and I just HAD to have it!


Then I bought this necklace completely on impulse because it is so darn unique! I can't wait to get some sweet pics of my little girl in it:)


For my crafty side I ordered a whole ton of these colorful "Yo-Yo" fabric flowers that I intend to add buttons to and make into clippies (So watch for them on my etsy site:)


And last I bought this totally fun little invention called the "Dine-n-Doodle Chalk Place Mat" for my little girl! This is sure to keep her entertained at restaurants from now on!


Oh and I almost forgot to include the adorable fabric I bought to go with the others for my daughters room! I love Matryoshka Dolls!


I know you are thinking I went a little nuts, but hey, I have my own shop and a little thing called "paypal" and spending that money is completely painless!! YAY!
Anyway, have fun visiting each of these shops and enjoy!!



What are you planning to do with the Matryoshka material? My husband is from Russia and I have lots of Matryoshkas here at home and have been wanting some material to make a apron with. I think it would look so cute in the kitchen!