Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sometimes I come across something that I love so much that it makes me want to gag... anyone know what that feels like??? Anyway, this week I came across these socks and they were soooooooo cute that I pretty much lost my lunch, lol! So then, I thought to myself: "self, wouldn't it be great if you made these adorable socks into leg warmers and THEN had a matching robot onesie made to match??". Well I thought I was pretty darn smart and did just that! I contacted Jen at and showed her a pic of the socks and asked her if she could make it happen... and she did!!!!!! She is amazing isn't she???:)
So stop by and check out our super cute robot baby girl items (probably best to not do it after eating) and enjoy!


Amanda said...

I just ran across your etsy store today and am totally in love with your WAngLy legs! They are so adorable. Now if I only had a little girl to shop for!! =)